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SwissChallenge Team


The SwissChallenge team will ensure you have a safe and unforgettable adventure in Ticino. Our highly trained and experienced local guides can show you why Ticino is the best place in the world for canyoning. We live, work, and play in the Riviera Valley, the heart of canyoning in Ticino. When we have time off, we do private canyoning trips to explore and equip new canyons, ensuring that SwissChallenge is always at the forefront of modern canyoning techniques.

Fabio Headshot

Fabio Marinelli - Owner/Guide

Certifications: SOA Canyon Guide 2, First Aid, CPR

Fabio has been living in Ticino for 12 years, and guiding canyoning for 8 years. He's also a serious rock climber and skier, and works in the winter season as a physical therapist. He speaks German, Italian, French, English, and grew up speaking Romansch.

Zach Headshot1

Zach Browning - Owner/Guide

Certifications: SOA Canyon Guide 2, SOA Raft Guide 1, Wilderness First Responder

Zach has been guiding canyoning for 11 years, including 6 summers here in Ticino. He also enjoys skiing, paragliding, and motor biking, and spends his winters travelling the world. He speaks English, and does his best to speak German and Italian.

Val Headshot1

Valérie Graff - Guide

Certifications: SOA Canyon Guide 1, Medical Doctor

We're happy to welcome the newest addition to the SwissChallenge Team. Val is taking a year away from her career as a doctor to guide canyoning tours with us. When she's not working, she's a long-distance runner, climber, and skier.